Iceland – Romania

The national teams of Iceland and Romania will face each other in the capital Reykjavik on Thursday. This is a crucial game because one of these teams will make a step towards qualification for the next European Championship. This is a game from the 1/2-finals of the playoffs, so let’s talk about it for a little while.

Iceland are a respectable force in European football in the last five years. This country made an enormous progress in its development and now the Vikings are a team which qualifies to big competitions on a regular basis. This is exactly what Iceland will try to do in these playoffs for the Euro 2020;

The manager Erik Hamren was not really satisfied with his team’s performance in the Nations League last month. In September Iceland played two games in the competition, but lost both of them – against England and Belgium. Particularly the match against the Red Devils didn’t go very well and the Vikings suffered a horrendous 1-5 defeat. Despite this, we still believe Iceland are in a good place and they have chances to reach the European Championship.

Romania are a typical team from the Balkans – they have their ups and downs. On their day Romania could be a really dangerous team, but when they are not in the mood they can lose against lesser teams. They are an interesting case, that’s for sure.

In September Romania made two positive results in the Nations League. Mirel Radoi’s team made a 1-1 draw against Northern Ireland which was followed by a 2-1 win against Austria in Wien. This result deserves some attention, that’s for sure.

These are our thoughts about the European Championship playoff game between Iceland and Romania. This match could be more competitive than you probably think. Maybe Iceland are a slight favourite, but how we said – Romania could be really dangerous on their day.